Free ADVERTISEMENT @ BGDPORTAL providing service of free advertisement besides it's paid advertisement service. Anybody can apply for free advertisement in our site upon fulfiling our Criteria. For applying for free advertisement please note the below:
1. BGDPORTAL reserved all the rights to select the advertisement to publish in this site.
2. The free advertisement will be keep published for one month to unlimited period. The time limit is not certain and BGDPORTAL authority will decide the time limit without any notice to keep the advertisement published.
3. BGDPORTAL is not responsible for the activity of the advertiser and it's contents. However the activity of advertiser is one of the determining factor for publishing the add.
4. General advertisement size will be 150 px x 60 px.
5. Free advertisements will be published on the main page and subpages of BGDPORTAL in random order.

Why to put your advertisement in BGDPORAL:
1. To promote business and publicity of a company / Person / Websites etc.
2. The advertiser will be further benefited with reduced rate to publish full phase advertisement in any other paid advertisement service from BGDPORTAL
3. The advertiser don't need to design the advertise, we can provide the service free of charge.
4. Advertiser will provide the necessary information only for advertisement.

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